Why should I adjust my stirrup?

The importance of the foot for the performance of rider and horse in harmony 

The stirrup is more than just a place for your foot. It forms the foundation for your balance and stability. By having full contact with the entire stirrup plate you can optimize the support needed to communicate with your horse in the best way. The surface of the foot is an important source of information for your brain. The information your foot is receiving can navigate your brain to help you with balance, stability, and coordination. The contact with the stirrup gives you feedback on the horse’s movements and condition and allows you to communicate more effectively.


The correct foot position

To get the best possible support for you as a rider, it is important that your foot is correctly positioned in the stirrup. The stirrup should have a wide footplate and a correct design to keep your foot in its original position throughout the riding session.

Adjusting the Ryde Adjustable Stirrup

To optimize your foot position and balance across both stirrups, you can adjust the stirrup at three different angles:

• Stirrup attachment: Start from the top with a degree of adjustment from zero.

Pronation/Supination Angle: Adjust the angle so that you have equal contact across the stirrup plate from the little toe joint (outside foot) to the big toe joint (inside foot). Make sure that the even contact between the forefoot and stirrup plate remains when you stand up in the stirrups.

• Incline Angle: Set the angle so that you have equal contact with both the front and back of the stirrup plate. Try standing up in the stirrups, making sure your foot maintains the correct position and that the stirrup remains straight under you.


Final Advice

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your foot has the best possible support and balance in the stirrup. Remember that your foot does not need to point straight ahead, but should be in a relaxed position over the stirrup plate for optimal balance.

By understanding the importance of correct foot position and contact with the stirrups, you can take your riding to the next level and achieve harmonious and effective communication with your horse.

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