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Need help adjusting your stirrup?

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Ensure that the footplate and top holder cannot be wiggled.

Provided you use the key that comes included, it will not be possible to overtighten them. Always keep the tool straight against the screw head and aligned with the screw groove to avoid damaging the screw slots or threads. Use Torx 25. Watch the instructional video here.


Depending on whether you use a dressage or jumping seat, you may need to adjust the angles if the mobility in your joints increases or decreases.

Yes, the warranty period is two years.

The magnets do not wear down and are intended to function throughout the stirrup’s lifespan.


The firmness is balanced to maintain foot control within the stirrup.

Over time, using your body incorrectly can be harmful. As long as you experience a sense of stability and flexibility, you know you have the right adjustment.

No, the studs are positioned inside the edge of the stirrup. Nevertheless, be careful when handling the stirrups near the saddle – leather is durable, but the surface is delicate.

It depends on the quality of the sole and how significant the wear is. We recommend having a rubber sole for the best grip. It’s easy to have riding boots resoled by a cobbler.


You can find return information in the return policy at the time of purchase.

It will be enclosed in the package alongside your stirrups.

Yes, you can book a fitting by emailing us at

Yes, you can split payment with Klarna.

Riding technique

Balancing your foot over the stirrup plate eliminates the risk of incorrect foot angles. If you still don’t feel stable, you should look at other parameters, such as your position in the saddle.

If you want extra assistance, you can book a meeting with us by getting in touch at

Yes, we train coaches. Please ask your coach to contact us via

Here you can find our instructional videos. You can also read more about adjustments here. If you need any further assistance, you can book a personal meeting via

When your forefoot is balanced on the stirrup plate, this activates your core muscles and provides stability to your body. This helps you become more sensitive, coordinated, and flexible.

You will be able to feel when you have the right center of gravity in your body. When you have full contact with the footplate, you have found the right setting.