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Stirrups for safety and performance

Ryde Adjustable is the only stirrup on the market that you can easily adjust to fit your unique requirements as a rider.
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Here's how to set up Ryde Adjustable

You set up Ryde Adjustable in a few simple steps. See our instructional video for tips.

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Ryde Adjustable - Technical description

A technical description of Ryde Adjustable: Materials, construction, and function.


Our riders

A new standard for stirrups

The idea behind Ryde Adjustable is simple. We humans have evolved to stand and walk. Not to sit.


The footplate is wider in order to facilitate communication between your foot and your brain.

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The plate's concave design helps your body to instinctively activate itself in the same way as when you take a running step.

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Magnets hold the outside of the stirrup in place so it can release completely in the event of a fall. This significantly reduces the risk of getting trapped in the stirrup, no matter what direction the rider falls in.

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Three rows of grip points at the plate's rear, middle, and front provide optimal grip and security.

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The footplate is adjustable in three directions in order to help you ride with balanced joints to avoid tension and misalignments.

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The holes in the plate allow dirt and sand to pass through, which could otherwise degrade the grip.

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Equestrian sport is our passion. Here, we share our knowledge about equestrianism and how horses and humans can collaborate and influence each other.Ridsport är vår passion. Här delar vi med oss av vår kunskap om ridsport och om hur hästar och människor kan samverka och påverka varandra.

What does Ryde Adjustabe do for you as a rider?

If you practice horse jumping, you will jump higher with a higher technical difficulty and faster time.

If you ride dressage, the moments will be more harmonious and balanced, with higher scores as result.

If you ride in the forest, you will feel safer and braver, which in turn will make it easier for your horse to read your intentions.

If you are the parent of a young rider, you will feel safer knowing that the risks associated with riding are reduced.