Manual - How to Adjust Ryde Adjustable

How do I know if I have adjusted the stirrups correctly?

Make sure you place your foot in the stirrup as the instructional video shows.

  • Do I have good contact with my big toe?
  • Do I have equally good contact with the stirrup at the front and back?
  • Am I still standing directly over the stirrup after riding for a while?

Just like feeling that you have chosen the right shoe size or that the driver's seat is adjusted correctly.

If you have full contact across the entire stirrup plate, the setting is correct.

Remember to tighten the screws

If the footplate is loose, you need to tighten the screws a bit more. This applies both the first time you adjust and after you've ridden for a while. Use the included key.

Manual in pdf

Download the manual here!

Good luck and do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions!