The role of the feet in the rider’s balance

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To navigate in perfect harmony

In all riding, balance is the key to harmony between rider and horse. It is a subtle interplay where the smallest movement of the body reflects on the horse and where the feet play a decisive role. In this article, we will take a closer look at the fascinating connection between the foot, and the horse and how the right equipment leads to the ultimate balance.


The feet are the body’s conductor

The human body is a master at navigating and balancing itself to be stable, both stationary and moving. By providing the autonomic nervous system with stimulation the feet are the key to the body’s balance center. When the feet give too vague or weak signals, it leads to impaired balance, stability, and coordination. The big toe joint is a force generator for balance, and without contact on a surface, tension, locking, and loss of fine motor skills can be created. For the rider, this is precisely a critical component. Sitting in the saddle requires more than just physical strength. It requires awareness, a calm mind, and an understanding of the horse’s natural needs. But it also requires the body to use its natural conditions to communicate with the horse. The horse’s and rider’s centers of motion must merge in perfect harmony to optimize energy and balance. The rider’s position and center of gravity directly affect the horse’s body balance. The horse must adapt to maintain equilibrium and balance as a riding horse.


The role of the foot in the stirrup

A safe stirrup should provide a secure, comfortable, and even foot plate that supports the natural movements of the foot. This stimulates the body to stability. The stirrup should also take into account the correct position of the knee joint. In this way, the foot can be allowed to have enough stable contact with the stirrup and can then send signals to the brain that the body is safe and balanced. The right equipment is crucial for the interaction between horse and rider. The Ryde Adjustable Stirrup has three adjustable angles to adapt to each rider individually. It provides stability through a wide foot plate with a non-slip surface and adjustable angle for the balance of the forefoot.

The Ryde Adjustable stirrups’ ability to support the forefoot’s need for information, and transport it to the body’s core gives the body the opportunity for new achievements in the saddle. It is simply following the laws of nature.

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