How do we minimize the risk of injury in equestrian sports?

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A passion with risks

Equestrian sports have a special place in many people’s hearts, and it is a sport that attracts a large part of our population. With over 90% female riders, equestrian is one of the largest sports in Sweden and is also a popular sport among children, young people and people with functional variations. Riding brings freedom and joy, but it also has its risks. Statistics from the last five years show how dangerous riding can be. Over 10,000 people have required hospital care following accidents, and more than 65,000 injuries have required some type of medical treatment. It is a high figure that points to the need for safer and more technologically advanced equipment in equestrian sports.

The risk of getting stuck in the stirrup

One of the more serious moments of riding is the risk of getting stuck in the stirrup. Despite techniques such as “stepping down” the heel in the stirrup and using boots with heels to avoid getting stuck, the risk remains as moments of surprise, force, and speed are difficult to control. In the Ryde Adjustable stirrup, the company “Ryde” has developed an innovative safety (break-away) mechanism that can save lives and prevent serious injuries. This mechanism releases the outer side of the stirrup in the event of a fall from the horse and eliminates the risk of the rider becoming trapped and stuck in the stirrup. This is a technological breakthrough that could change the safety standard in equestrian sports. For young riders and for people with functional variations, Ryde Adjustable gives them greater security with fewer restrictions and the opportunity to explore riding for themselves. Ryde Adjustable plays an important role in achieving a vision of zero accidents in equestrian sports.

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