This is how it works

Explore the possibilities of an adjustable stirrup

This is how it works!!

Sideways adjustment

By adjusting the angle of the stirrup laterally, you are able to achieve full contact with the footplate.

The range of adjustment options is more than sufficient for you to find your individual angle. When your foot receives optimal support from the wide baseplate, your brain receives information telling it that you are balanced, automatically making you more stable, straighter, and more receptive to signals from the horse. When the front part of your foot achieves lateral balance, the muscles in your core are activated, and you and your horse can begin to focus on more detailed communication.
This is how it works

Adjustable stirrup leather

The ability to adjust the stirrup leather holder in multiple steps means you can set the stirrup to follow your natural toe direction.

This eliminates unnecessary tension in your knees and legs, helping you maintain full contact with the footplate.
This is how it works

Angle of the footplate

The individual adjustment of your footplate angle helps you to maintain even support against the footplate and makes it easy to balance your body centrally over the horse, with the stirrup right beneath you.

A correct footplate angle also eliminates tensions that can occur when your foot drives the stirrup forward or backward from your center of gravity. There is also the option to adjust the footplate forwards, which can help you maintain contact with the plate if, for example, you have an injured ankle.
This is how it works


Taking inspiration from mountain biking, we have designed the footplate with holes in it to prevent sand and dirt from sticking and compromising the grip.

The large footplate has evenly distributed metal spikes in three rows for optimal grip.

The concave design, along with the width of the footplate, helps you to intuitively find the position that gives you the best balance based on your unique physiology.

This is how it works

Magnetic safety feature

Our unique safety feature opens the stirrup, allowing you to detach in the event of a fall, regardless of the direction your foot moves in.

A powerful magnet keeps the outer side of the stirrup in place until it needs to be released.

This feature is one of the reasons why we confidently call Ryde Adjustable a new leap in the evolution of riding. A safety stirrup that lets you ride with a sense of security and freedom.