Ryde Adjustable Stirrup – Black

5200,00 kr

Stirrups that you can adjust in 3 different angles to optimize it for you and your horse anatomy. This provides full contact with the stirrups, making the rider become more stable, straighter and more functional without negative tension. Having full connection between your footplate and foot stimulates the human body’s “central nervous system” and stabilizes the body through the inner core. This enables the rider to influence the horse with more fine aids.

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Ryde Adjustable – Tested on humans

Our riders

Even though we have extensive experience as riders ourselves, continuous feedback from riders has been a crucial asset throughout the development process. In 2023, four top riders helped us by testing Ryde Adjustable prototypes in training and competitions. We are delighted that they are continuing their commitment with us. They have helped us make a better stirrup. Ryde Adjustable stirrups help them become better riders.

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